The Dichotomy of a Hot Tub

The Mercenary Researcher

I love the word “dichotomy”  it is defined thusly:

  1. A division or contrast between two things that are or are represented as being opposed or entirely different.

Last night I was soaking in our friends’ hot tub (yes, that is the correct usage of the possessive form of friends – because there are two of them – I never lie about possessives) and it occurred to me that hot tubs are kind of a dichotomy.

From teen-aged to some undetermined age, they represent youth, fun, parties, sensuality, drunken escapades, STDs (possibly a yeast infection or two if it’s a public hot tub). You know – those kinds of Hot Tub things.

Then as the years pass, you realize you’ve morphed into the other group of hot tub users – the ones that are using it because the body parts are no longer as ‘fresh’ and ‘pain free’ as they…

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