Uruguay can’t surprise Eagles – Keshi


Prior to Monday’s game, Nigeria coach Stephen Keshi, admitted that like most people, he knew next to nothing about Tahiti, but he would have no such problems about Uruguay when both sides meet on Thursday.

The Super Eagles pummelled the Pacific Islanders 6-1 in their first group game to top Group B ahead of world champions Spains.

“With Tahiti we didn’t know what to expect, so we just played and prepared as best as we could,” Keshi to kickoffNigeria.com.

“We know a little more about Uruguay. So we can plan a little better, but we will not be preparing much different from the way we normally do.

“We have our own methods, our own tactics and our own way of playing, and that is what we plan to do.”

A relaxed Nigeria team appeared to have shaken off their jet lag as they trained at the Estadio Pituacu in Salvadore on Tuesday.

Keshi, usually stern-faced during training, was mostly all smiles as he watched his equally jovial squad muck about on the pitch.

“We’re ready. Of course we have had our issues. But that is not who we are. What we want to do is play football.

“I am proud of my players for the way they overcame tiredness, jetlag and everything else to get three points and those goals against Tahiti.

“Now we have tried to get them as much rest as possible and we just want them to have fun on Thursday.”


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