The Kind Of Men I Enjoy – Actress Anita Joseph


Controversial Nollywood actress Anita Joseph, who was accused of snatching her friend’s boyfriend, a small boy who is said to be very good in the bedroom, had cause to clarify some issues trailing her in this chat. She also talk about her skímpy dresses and love affair.
See a brief excerpt of the chat below…
I treat my fans like friends. Fans are important in this profession because they make or mar you. You have to be careful with your fans. Embarrassed by fans? Yes, I remember when a man slapped my buttocks! I acted in a film and the role was that of a lady sleeping with many men. After the film, a man walked up to me and said he liked the way I shook my buttocks in the movie. He wondered if that was how I shake it in real life. I was embarrassed.
Dating fans
There is nothing wrong dating someone who loves and adores you. I have dated some of my fans. The best person to date, sometimes, is your fan. He loves what you are doing and you can act for him at home.
I like men who are calm, calculated and someone I can learn from. I like a responsible man who talks well. I cannot stick to loud-mouthed men.
Anita and controversies
I don’t believe that. I am not a controversial actress. On Ebube Nwagbo and Empress Njamah, the story was that I dated Timaya and KC Fresh, and fought with these actresses over these men. I never had any trouble with them over any man. We have never worked together on set.
Why the skímpy clothes?
I wear whatever suits me or fits into any occasion I’m attending. Also, my mood and the occasion determine what I wear. I love short gowns and bum shorts. I like it when people look at me; it makes me feel good. If you are a lady and nobody looks at you, then you should go back and look at your mirror.

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