Dear LIB readers: How can I stop my brother from marrying this woman


From a female LIB reader.

My fellow readers of this great blog please I need your help urgently. My younger brother wants to marry a woman who has two kids by two different men. She’s only 29 and already has a 9 year old and a four year old, both from different men she dated in the past. My brother is only 31 and I and other members of our family feel there are more decent women out there he can marry and not a young woman with two kids. We have tried to talk him out of it but he doesn’t want it to hear it. It’s not even like she’s beautiful, well educated or rich so I don’t understand his obsession with this woman. How is he going to take care of two kids that are not his? What do we do? How do we get him to get away from this woman? There are some family members who believe he’s under a spell because his obsession with her and determination to marry her is not normal.


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