Man Burns His Wife For Being Too Beautiful! In Kenya – YouTube


A man in Kenya burnt his wife for being too beautiful after being married for than two years.

The victim of the domestic violence, Janet Mwihaki, a citizen of Kenya met her fate after giving birth to their third son in 2005.
Janet and John got married, back in the day when she was still a beautiful woman in 1999. In 2000, she gave birth to their first child, their second in 2002 and in 2005, their last born. That was when he started changing his character, Janet said.
Janet’s hands and entire body is currently burned, disfiguring, not only her face but also her hands, ears, neck, back, among other places on her body. Before she got burnt however, she separated from him for a year and police advised her to report him to the authorities if she ever saw him again.
For the crime he committed, John was given a ten-year jail sentence and today, he is remaining with only three to be released. According to prison guards, John today is a changed man and because of his good conduct, he might be released early.
Asked why he burnt his wife, John said it was because she used to cheat on him, charges she denies saying he was the one who disregarded their marriage vows.
Watch the video below..

Man Burns His Wife For Being Too Beautiful! In Kenya – YouTube.


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