African Women Will Change The World

English: Former Prime Minister Tony Blair's wi...

English: Former Prime Minister Tony Blair’s wife Cherie Blair meets entrepreneur Dave West (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Wife of former British Prime Minister Mrs. Cherie Blair has hailed the crucial role of African women in developing the continent, as she said the 21st Century belongs to them.

Cherie, who is in Abuja to attend a seminar on Equity and Venture capital told the First Lady, Dame Patience Jonathan, who hosted her to a lunch at the State House that Nigeria has continued to make progress since her first visit to the country.


According to her, “I have noticed since 2003 during my first visit to Nigeria that Nigerian women were a force to reckon with. The more I meet with Nigerian and African women, the more I become absolutely confident that the 21st century belongs to the African woman”.

Blair commended the progress made by Nigerian women and the giant strides they have taken in the country, saying they have been fully accommodated in the political arena of the continent which would enable them change the world.

She also commended the First Lady for her work in empowering Nigerian women, saying “We share common interest in the issues of women, coming from backgrounds that did not believe that women could make any difference”.

The First Lady appreciated the wife of former British Prime Minister for her kind words, noting that Nigeria and Britain have had a very fruitful relationship which she says would continue to blossom.

She urged Blair to always work in the interest of Nigerian women.

“I believe and appreciate you and the Cherie Blair Foundation which you have used to encourage women. I also wish to acknowledge your works in Africa which is duly recognised”, Mrs Jonathan said.


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