Hurt A Woman In A Relationship And Be Ready For War

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, indeed! Do you know when it comes to paying someone back for hurting you (especially in a relationship), ladies know how to do it very well. Some girls are very good when it comes to getting their pound of flesh. To them, it’s tit for tat. No mercy, no pity!

Like what happened some time ago, between a guy and his girlfriend. The foolish guy went and slept with his girlfriend’ best friend. His girlfriend was really mad and angry when she got to find out.

And guess what she did despite the fact that her boyfriend later begged and apologized to her for what he did. The girl pretended as if all was well while planning her revenge. Which turn out to be a very bad one. To spite her guy and also make him feel the same pain she felt for cheating on her with her best friend, she went and slept with her guy’s younger brother after seducing him.

And she didn’t stop at that. She also went ahead and told her boyfriend what she did, as well as telling him how good and better his younger brother was in bed…Chei (Lmao), come and see the anger in the guy’s eyes when he heard what she did. And before he could say or do anything to her, she broke up with him right there and then, and left him in a state of shock and anger.

You can imagine the calamity the girl would have brought upon that family cos of her action. Pitching two brothers against each other. To me, she kind of went too far. Shey? Well next time, the guy would think twice before hurting any girl again. Cos, a woman rejected in love, or hurt in a relationship can be very angry and dangerous.


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