Interview : I would have been a footballer – Bovi.

 Interview : I would have been  a footballer – Bovi.

Bovi Ugboma, is an actor, a writer and producer. He discusses his career and competition in the industry

You are one of the multi-talented few in the industry…

When people ask me what I do, I say I am an entertainer. I am an actor, writer and a comedian. I produce my own TV show as well and I am going into films soon. Everything I have been writing, I keep for myself except for a few.

Does this have anything to do with your background?

Possibly. I studied Theatre Arts at the Delta State University. After graduation in 2002, I headed to the Nigerian Television Authority, Lokoja for the one-year compulsory National Youth Service Corps.

You were once the personal assistant to Richard Mofe-Damijo

Interestingly, I met him in a rather unusual way. I wanted to sell a movie script and I went to his office. I was trying to convince him to buy when he showed me more than 30 scripts lying fallow in his office. Somehow, we bonded and he offered me the job of a personal assistant, which I accepted on the spot. He taught me the business side of entertainment. It was in his office I learnt how to write proposals, meet clients and branding. We are still very close and he is more or less my father.


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