My Greatest Regret Is Meeting Jim Iyke – Habiba Abubakar Confesses


Habiba Abubakar may not be a household name in Nigeria, but to Jim Iyke and members of his family, that name means a lot. In most part of 2011 and 2012, the Abuja-based woman and Jim Iyke were having issues with each other over an alleged fraud.

In an interview, Habiba confessed that her greatest regret is meeting the ‘bad boy’ actor, Jim Iyke. She further disclosed that her most embarrassing moment was going to the police station for the first time in her life to allegedly lock up Jim Iyke.

Who is Habiba Abubakar and your background?

I’m Habiba Abubakar born in the heart of Kano municipal area council in 1979/3/15. I married Amb Abubakar in 1996 just after my secondary school, In fact 21days after my GCE. I attended Lebanon private primary school in Bompai at Kano, then to Saint Louis private Secondary school in Bompai. I have a degree in mass communication from University of Science and Technology Haryana in India in 2007. I decided to change my line because of children. I returned to the UK and started PDD, Professional Development Diploma in Management studies 2008, and business information technology studies in ED-EXCEL with my centre as Stratford Business School and Finished with level 5 (HND) 2009. Currently waiting for my Masters result from University of Northampton in UK.

I have been married and blessed with three children two boys and a girl all schooling in private boarding secondary schools but the little one in private boarding primary school at Worcestershire.

I learnt that you and your hubby own an NGO…can you tell me about that?

You see to have a good heart is not something I picked up now. I have been helping since when I was 15years. One day I returned from school our neighbour’s where outside their home fighting so I stood to watch, only to find out the man was driving away an old woman ( Adama)who is his sister that left their family( for prostitution as they said) when she was young and returned at old age and sick, but he drove her away.

I saw her old, sick then I started crying and took her to our house and hold her in one section inside the back of our house. Any time they give me my food I will run and give her up to about three months I was hiding it from my parents. I returned from school one day my dad asked me to see him in his side I went, and he asked me how I came about the woman and I narrated to him, so he said good job, bad execution you should have told me I will happily accommodate her next time tell me all you do and pat me at my back. Since then I started thinking of wanting to help and is now in me tube and tyre. When I married my hubby, I told him the story he started helping me do what I feel was what I wanted to do.

I heard that your hubby is an ambassador… is it true?

Of course he is a career diplomat and longest serving from the north because he has been an ambassador since 1990-2008.

Any challenges?

The challenges are normal ,people come with all kinds of stories just to dupe like in the case of Jim Iyke and his family very unfortunate.even when the photo’s we posted in the internet with my son next to his mother he can still run his mouth that it was his sisters phone i took pictures from all crap.

Your plans for the future?

My plan for the future is to go into politics, to give to the society my little best.

Which position in government do you want contest for?

House or Senate…

How do you meet Jim Iyke?

You see I don’t know any Jim Iyke before I met him in farmers market with two of his friends Victor and Solomon. They asked for my number which I didn’t know off head, as I just returned from UK and got the sim card. So I said I don’t know my number before anything Jim grab my hand set from my hand and dallied his number from mine, that was the beginning of the night mare. Before you know it he in a month he has bombarded me with his family members mom,dad,sisters, his girlfriend then Ketura Hamilton and told me she was pregnant for him but they lost the baby in July 2011. Well with such development you will think he is honourable because for me to show you my family we must be real friends and there is someone in a month or two was able to do that, awesome!! From there I don’t doubt his honesty and integrity didn’t know there was so much to all he was doing.

That was just being smart, for me to be comfortable with him. When the mum came she hardly could work, so I decided to get her checked , he said she had a doctor in Garki hospital but does know all the drugs she has been given don’t work and I flew her to the UK thinking she is my mother too and OLD. Where she told me her full life story which I have on video. After the trip he brought a business proposal with his friend Solo which I invested in 16.5mill, after all I never will think he will have another motive. But that was the beginning of the saga.

After collecting the money he disappeared and asked his family never to answer my calls how do I get him as he too doesn’t pick my calls. Fortunately his elder sister who leaves in Gwagwalada I once visited her ( NKIRU) so I remembered and went to her so she called him, and arranged a meeting where we fought. And I got him lucked up for 3 good days at SASS without bail, that was the best I did to myself to show him my worth not celebrity but MONEY. It was the best time of my life.

Is that Jim Iyke can’t afford to take care of his family? I think he is one of the richest actors in Nollywood with a lot of investment…

If he is the richest actor why does he want people to invest in his business…he should do it solo and if has money after all this arrest, CRT humiliation if is you won’t pay and get off this mess? Think well. They project what they are not. Well his mum told me she has never entered a euro plane before in her life, on tape I have her say that because when she arrived in London he said Habby thank you, mummy back after so long.

So when she was cold in my house I said mummy you feel cold too much because is long you have been here, the honourable woman shouted here where? I said London she said me I have never entered a euro plane before. And I remember I called all her children one after the other for her to tell them she arrived in peace, she was shouting saying me Gozy Gladys in London!!! The shock and joy over her. I said ok. Was so shocked with all the lies he told me, he was born in Paris all crap. She gave birth to three children, Nkechi, Nkiru and Jim in Gabon and they travel by road simple.

I learnt you will soon release video about the whole saga?

Yes I made a video out of the security camera footage of my house is about his visit to my house to that of all his family members no exception and Friends that trooped my house to beg for him. Just too yet again show people who he really is with documents. May be after that he will start to behave honourably. My own is just to change him not to punish him and video will be out soon. We are looking for a way to do it that he can’t sue any party involved simple.

He was one time Glo ambassador, they paid him millions of naira, are you aware?

Yes and he lost it because he went to US to sign another deal with a phone card company and Glo heard so they are paying him 50million naira per annum and his Ibo blood led him to a 65,000 dollars deal and by the time he was trying to correct the mistake and pulled out from the US deal to his shock Glow sacked him.

I guess you know that he is on vacation in America now?

Let him finish the US visit and pay that money, he has no heart. I can’t allow myself go through this if I have the money will pay all and move on. Even if he goes to toilet in economy class he will post that he went to white house to sit on obamas invitation because his daughter loves him and want to take him to bed he literally lives his life for people not for himself because what is about to say it.. I’m on vacation with my family tweet it, only nonentities leave like this.

What is your relationship with Chidi Mokeme?

I don’t know who Chidi Mokeme is really, but will look for him just to know him, to see why he is joined with me, maybe we resemble who knows.

Can you tell me about your business?

I do a lot of business but the one I got my fortune from is property. I have a gaming on Line Company in UK and Property too. I invest in a lot of other things no small no big, money is money. Because to help others I even go to the extent of doing pure water company can you imagine!!!, and in banex too I bought a boy a laptop he does different kind of things with it and bring as little as 25k a month to me you see.

Are you in talking terms or dong business with other Nigerian celebrities?

I know some good and humble celebrities but not in business with them and I don’t intend to do now or in the future with anyone.

Who is your favourite actor and actress and besides, celebrities you will use during your campaign?

I really don’t watch them so I don’t know most of them. It is because of this case I got to know few of them. But let them keep doing what they do best. I wish them well. I succeeded to this level without any celebrity is sure will win my elections without them too. Just wait for my tape coming out soon for all the drama between Jim, his family and I.

How often do you hang out?

I don’t hang out to be honest am a very private person.

Your most embarrassing moment and greatest mistake?

Most embarrassing moment is going to the police station for the very first time my entire life to get JIM IYKE lucked. My greatest mistake is meeting Jim Iyke and joining issues with him and trusting him, he’s a liar!!!

What does fashion and style mean to you?

See am not fashionable I ware what pleases me not what is in vogue, I careless about things like that. In fact I can walk the whole Abuja in my Jallabiyya, hahahaha who cares.

Your role models both in Nigeria and international?

My role models in Nigeriahhhhhh, I don’t know yet but international are; Tyra Banks and David hosselhopf.

Your ideal man?

My ideal man is my hubby ahhhhh!!!!! hahahaha.

Can you share your life as a married Muslim woman?

Life as a married Muslim woman is a challenge but when you understand it well, it is very beautiful my best time ever. And having Children is the wonderful, I LOVE MY FAMILY. I will use your paper to thank my husband for standing with me throughout this saga, I remember when I wanted to chase my money my husband said you have to be careful he is a celebrity and he has more access to media then you but I know the whole thing of what happened starting from his visit and that of his family to our house. Madam I will support you and God Almighty will protect you because he knows your intentions and I really saw his protection and support. When people were saying you can’t luck Jim Hajia and there he was lucked like Rabbit no body to bail him even, SAD.

Do you see yourself as a fulfilled woman?

Am a much fulfilled woman and I thank God for his bountiful mercies on me, and everything he gave me from Children, Money and how he created me, I thank him.

Your message to Nigerians?

My message to Nigerians is be law abiding, honest, and humble that is what makes a star a star, and we are all stars before Almighty God in our own little ways. Fight for your right any time don’t feel intimidated by any one, am extremely grateful to what I was able to achieve in this Jim Iyke saga and at list was able to teach him a lesson that not all women he can send running. Because his reasoning is that let him say am interested in him so he can send me running not to chase the money as I will be scared if my hubby hears that but Habiba is not afraid of human beings but god. If he has the money why won’t him pay the total sum and have peace of mind? He doesn’t have it so let him shut up, he failed payment of august even he is fake. I thank all the Nigerians that supported me during that time. Jim Iyke keeps paying.

By Austin Aniekie


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