My B00bs Are Getting Me Into Trouble With Men ?? Actress Adediwura Adesegha

Adediwura Adesegha

Adediwura Adesegha is a beautiful Nollywood Actress who stands tall among the rising movie stars who are being tipped to take over from the established acts. In a recent chat, she speaks on the many troubles her booobs and shape have caused her with men and other personal issues. Below is a brief excerpts:Is there any part of your body you that men can’t resist?

We have the physical aspect and the spiritual and other aspects that surround that question. When we talk about physical attributes, it has to do with my shape, it has to do with whatever you think you can flaunt. For example, at a nightclub where you are expected to dress in a manner that portrays a club girl, in that case, I think I have something I should be able to flaunt.

I have got booobs (laughs). On a serious note, it has to do with your educational background. You have to be educated. The way the world is going now, you must be talented and outspoken. You must be an extrovert and must be able to face challenges. I think I have a sound educational background and so too are my physical attributes. So, I am well packaged.

You must be having it tough with men because of your shape and booobs. How do you handle that?

My booobs and shape do get me attracted to men just like it happens to every other lady that have got it but I think I have been able to handle it well. Besides, it is really no big deal to get advances from men because it’s like a daily routine, but its left to you as a lady to be responsible and respect yourself.

When would you get married?

Having a man to oneself is another job entirely. You have to search, open your eyes and pray. Its not something you just say ‘okay, I love him’, while what you have for him is not real. Some will be in love at the beginning but later, as the year rolls by, the love goes off. As regards when I will marry, I will keep you posted.


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